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Good Morning Everyone

Thanks for getting us going, Ruth. Hope you have a pleasant day.

Chelby, best wishes to your MIL. I always think of soup. Its so sippable when I'm not feeling well. I hope your day isn't too boring.

Cottage, enjoy your low key day. There are so many BL reruns that I can never figure which one is current. I guess I do better with shows that don't keep me in suspense for months....I guess that's why I like Jeopardy..answer some questions for 1/2 hour, kick two off and start fresh tomorrow

Me, trying to reorganize so I can start all over today. I'll be very glad when this week is over. Lex woke me up early and I just stayed up. I think I burn the wrong end of the candle with regularity. Oh well. We have rain today but its supposed to end before the big event on Saturday. I keep thinking of Ruths fair this summer. We've never had a rain out and I don't wish to start now.

I'm eating OP and will go to workout this morning. It's really important for me to learn I can get through stress without garfing junk. I did take some SB time this morning and removed more items from the fridge that I'm not going to use. I kind of enjoy the transformation. Now I have more room, too.

Have a great day everyone. Robyn, be kind to yourself. Before long your hot water heater problem will be fixed and you can pat yourself on the back for sticking with it.
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