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Your mom wants you to eat 1 1/2 packets of oatmeal for breakfast, yogurt and grapenuts for lunch, and 2 eggs with a small salad for dinner? So that's, what, 150 calories for breakfast, 200 or so for lunch, and maybe 400-600 for dinner depending on what's in the salad? And roughly 1 serving of veggies, no actual fruit, and less than 1000 calories?

Seems to me you're losing on what you've been doing, your ticker says you're down 20 lbs.

I wouldn't ever (for me) cut out all bread, pasta, etc. Granted, I eat whole grain wheat bread, brown rice, and whole wheat/brown rice pasta, but I enjoy food and diversity in my meals. I couldn't eat the same things every day every meal, and I certainly wouldn't want to live a life where lettuce was my only veggie.
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