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Default Some days

just start out crappy. I had a drs. appointment at 8:00 a.m. to meet my new doctor for the first time, my other one retired and this guy took over his practice. At 7:18 as I was getting ready the other cook from where I work called and said who works today (we are supposed to serve cold cereal at 7:00 a.m.) I told her she was and she said a few expletives and I had to go open the place up and help get breakfast going which took until 7:53. (This is my relaxing retirement job by the way.) The people at work said they had it handled and I could go to the doctor. Okay, well I have no makeup on cuz I just washed my face and brushed my teeth threw on some clothes and headed to work. I left there, called the doctor's office and got the answering service, no help there, drove like crazy got there at 8:15 expecting them to say I would have to reschedule. Apparently, they had some sympathy for me showing up looking like a wreck and got me in. Dr. is a nice guy but I sure felt yucky.

So he tells me that my heart has mild issues, like beginning to enlarge from high blood pressure problems, my kidneys are not functioning like they should be, creatanine is too high. Higher doses of lasix and lisnopril.

When I left his office and went down the stairs I missed the bottom stair and fell on my knee while still holding on to the railing, so now I hurt like heck, nothing really bad, just sore.

The long and short of that visit is that I am literally killing myself with my terrible eating and lack of exercise habits.

I am the only one who has control of those two components of my life. Time to "Get er done."

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