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The only tough day was day 2 2 days of liquids is hard but as I said if I made her carb monster soups I wouldn't have been so sick.
Lunch changed up a bit
Today is Firm Protein
So DH wanted Pizza
i can't eat just the top of Pizza. . .it's a trigger
so we went to Grossi In BH they have outdoor seating I ate the inside of part of a cheese steak About a cup of meat with onions peppers and cheese
Ideal no but workable and
Here is the INSANE!!! Part
Normally when I order this somewhere I'm really REALLY tempted by bread and this roll was gorgeous
I noted that it was a gorgeous roll and didn't give in
So my cravings are dying!!
That being said
if I don't go to the bathroom soon I'm going to need drano.
am hoping if I can get out of work early that DH and I can hit TJS my gf is being a bit pouty so don't know if I'll see her
Making a commitment to myself
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