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Originally Posted by CamiToo View Post
A friend of mine ordered it and since she wanted my sister and I to join her in this program, I was able to borrow it and read through the program.

Here's what I thought:

First of all, part of the sales pitch is to eat all of your favorite foods while losing weight. Go to your favorite restaurants and eat your favorite foods while shedding pounds! BUT if you read the program, they really say to eat MODIFIED recipes. And at restaurants, ask for no salt, no oils, etc. Eat plain food basically. And ask for whole wheat pasta which I don't think alot of restaurants actually have. You can't just hit the diner and say "I'll have your spaghetti and meatballs special." You can't eat a normal brownie. If that's ok by you, then it's not a deal breaker. But their sales pitch is misleading.

Some food modifications required items I'd never heard of. My friend said "maybe you get that in a health food store?" But I'm not rich and I'm not going to buy special ingredients that aren't normally in my kitchen. Nor will I pay health food store prices for stuff.

The portion sizing could be more definitive. I like portions stated as "3 ounces" or "1/2 cup", not as "my fist" or a portion thereof.

Many (not all) of the suggested snacks are brands I've never heard of and again, I'm sorry, I'm not rich. I don't buy special foods and brands nor do I shop at Trader Joe's. I buy meats, produce and staples that are on sale.

They mention chocolate and wine but ask you to NOT drink wine or alcohol during weight loss. The chocolate part is confusing because they say stay away from chocolate during weight loss because it contains sugar, then put dark chocolate as a savvy snack. Make up your mind?!

They include exercise, which is good, but it seems like it should be a bit more. The exercise seems geared towards beginners and doesn't start until day 11 or 12 I believe. Then you exercise every other day. So alot of the 21 days you're not exercising.

I wasn't impressed. I was LESS impressed since I knew she'd paid way too much for this program. I won't be joining my friend on this program. This is just my two cents.
Its always amazing to me that people will pull out the only the information they want and not whats completely listed or advised. There is a list of snacks in the book that robert suggest, many are things sold in stores, campbell soup, keebler crackers, synder pretzels, any brand nuts, fresh fruits and veggies, which is really the main goal. To get you to eat less processed and more fresh, natural when possible. I was already exercising when i started the plan and just continued to do so. But, the plan is to help you start to incorporate a habit into your everday life. Many people dont exercise. The plan has a 12min, 24min and 36min exercise dvd. It tells you to increase as you feel comfortable.
The portion sizes do give you exactly 3-4oz or 4-5oz and list each food, meats, veggies, breads, pastas, etc. It also says it doenst want you to be chained to a food scale, so gives you a way to eyeball those amounts. I am a single mother and do not have a lot of extras to put toward additional groceries. But, have found that i only had to tweak what i was eating to make it healthier for me and my son. The plan asked you to refrain for the first 21 days, and then you can add these things back into your meals if you need to. But, it also shows you how to add them if you just must have them even during the 21 days. Its a re learning process. If your gonna quote stuff from a plan do it right.

By your post, its obvious you dont want to do the plan, even if it was a great plan, since its not a diet. Just my two cents of course. But, hopefully the success your friends have will change your mind. Because success they will have, of this i am certain.

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