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Default food lovers fat loss plan

Hey, to anyone interested i have been on the plan since 8/1/2009. I have lost 7bls, 12 inches, lost 5% of my body fat, and gain 1% lean muscle mass. The plan works very well. Its the first plan, thats not a diet. I can feed my son the same food that I eat which is a joy. I have had no cravings, no problems. The time just flew by, which is a first. I was skeptical at first as well.. another get rich skeem my someone. But i researched, and researched, and no one had anything bad to say about the plan. Neither do i at this point. I am stil going strong. Oh, and as a side bar, my sister is a diabetic who has really high sugar numbers. She was in the 300-400 in june/july. She was staying with me and forced to eat on the plan. As of Sep 1, she has lost 11lbs, her blood sugar was 124. So hope that helps anyone thinking about doing the plan. It is the best investment in yourself.

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