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I definitely think it is at least 80/20. I could be exercising 5 hours a day - but if I'm not closely guarding my caloric intake, I'd gain weight. Calories. Calories. Calories. There really is only so much exercise can burn. Calorie restriction is therefore required. Unless of course we're running marathons daily. now THEY burn LOADS of calories.

I guess my main concern is, do I need to be doing 1.5 hours of exercise 5 days a week to lose weight if I am keeping within my caloric goals?
Well if you're already doing this and then you should STOP, if you wanted to continue losing/maintaining at the same rate, you'd have to cut back on your calories.

If I were eating like I did prior to making the lifestyle change, my current exercise program wouldn't make much of a difference, but since I do eat a controlled amount (& it's not large) it makes a difference. Burning 300 calories or whatever the amount is that I burn, doesn't shave a very high percentage off of say 4000 calories (what I was doing before or more, who the heck knows), but it sure as heck makes a difference off of the 1200-1500 I consume now. If I weren't exercising, it would mean I'd have to eat that much less to stay that way, and I'm not willing to do that. Plus - I LOVE my muscles. I got used to them. I want to keep them. And I feel fit and fabulous and LOVE that I do physical activity.

But another way to look at it is, if I skip a workout, I won't gain weight. But if I have one *off* meal, I will.
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