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thistime140- my hubby just started about a week or so ago. He has lost 5 lbs so far. I just started 2 days ago and the scale this morning said 2 lbs lost but I am not going to count that until my offical weigh in day which is Thursday.

We aren't doing any particular low carb diet. Just following what my friend from work did. She tried to cut her carbs down to 20 on advice from her doctor but got sick. She cut her carbs to 30 and has lost I believe around 88 lbs. She lost weight from Oct last year until May and is happy where she is and maintaining now. She is slowly adding carbs back and is up to 55 or so and not gaining.

I did some research and basically we are following Atkins only not doing the induction phase of 20 carbs a day.

I think finding a diet that works for you is what is important.

I have tried everything from the 3 day diet, cabbage soup diet, WW, LAWL, medically supervised diets but it's always been a struggle with me. I am only 2 days on the low carb plan so no sure if this will be something I can continue with the rest of my life. Yes I am going to try.. I am at the desparate point where something has to give, and I am hoping it's the fat!!!

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