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Originally Posted by madison27 View Post

How on earth did you quit smoking, diet and excercised all at once? That is unbelievable discipline!!

I'm trying to quit smoking myself. I am actually disgusted by it, let alone what it is doing to my health, but, at the same time, totally addicted!!

I was a dedicated 2 pack a day smoker for 21 years. Not to seem flaky or anything but just being honest here - I read a book by Allen Carr, "Easy Way To Stop Smoking". Now, I am not endorsing the book or saying it some miracle solution, all I can tell is what my experience was. I read the book...took me about a month because I kept putting it off and putting it off. When I finished reading it entirely, it was at 10:30pm. At 1am I had a cigarette and then I just never had another. I have not, thankfully, had any cravings or withdrawals. My boyfriend still smokes but he does so outside now and not from fear that I will want one but because the smell truly disgusts me now.

As far as not turning to food when I quit smoking, as I didn't really experience any cravings and the such but my hands were "empty" more than usual, lol so for me I just busied myself. I read a book or play games on the net, work puzzles, take a relaxing bath, give myself a manicure or pedicure, read blogs on the net...anything that will distract me and my mind from food.

Just like with weight loss, quitting smoking takes dedication and determination and it CAN be done without pills, patches or hypnosis...just as weight loss can be achieved without those as well . I wish you all the success with weight loss and quitting smoking.

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