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Guess I had better explain what makes me an 'alternachick', though I'm not even sure myself. I just don't feel like I fit in a lot of places, and I'm most comfortable here.

Physically, I probably don't look too different.. I've always had a more classic look (some have even said I look 'European'. haha) I mostly wear black clothing, though I'm not goth.. I also don't really adorn myself that much. I stick with my naturally pale skin and just darken my black hair a bit. (Okay, I guess it sounds really goth, but with light makeup and my natural colorings, it looks normal on me.) Lately I've gotten bored with myself though and have considered doing henna tattoos. I loove Moroccan and North African designs. I guess I'm really interested in anthropology too..

My brain is very liberal, which is funny considering my entire family is very conservative, very Christian.. I'm also very Pagan. haha I'm interested in other religions too, but am fundamentally agnostic. I'm bi/pansexual.. and a feminist.. and vegan.. Some people never suspect these things because some assume I'm just a snob. I can have a very serious air about me that I can't help. I'm actually pretty compassionate and understanding.

For fun.. I guess I'm much of a loner. haha I love watching films--mainly old foreign ones and documentaries.. As for music--I adore folk fusion, and though I listen to a lot of different stuff (metal, industrial, rock, punk, synth pop.. even ska!) it's probably my favorite genre. I guess I like art that lets me zone out and live in another world. It sounds silly, but I love fashion too. Though my wardrobe is monotonously black, I adore cool black things! I just remember to keep it ethical.

Well, that's most of me.. Looking back, perhaps I do belong here. My last health/weight loss forum was very conservative..

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