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Okay, folks, I just maxed out my holds at the library!

Here are two books I didn't see mentioned yet.

Food Matters by Mark Bittman. It covers the same issues that Michael Pollan wrote about In Defense of Food, but written by a cook. So, more detailed about wht to actually eat than Pollan was.

Finally Thin! by Kim Bensen. The first part is a memoir of her 200+ weight loss. The second part is a structure for weight loss that can be used with any plan (informed by her experience as a WW instructor). The third part is recipes. The recipes use more artificial ingredients than I'm comfortable with, so I ignored them, but the rest of the book was inspiring.

BornToFly: I just finished The End of Overeating by Dr. Kessler and found it helpful. Nothing that new maybe, but put all together, I got this message: The food industry has carefully conditioned me to eat the way I do; I will need to painstakingly recondition myself in order to eat the way I want. He's a bit short on details of how to do that, so I'm picking up other books that are strong on behavior modification.
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