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Welcome to the Dark Side.

I guess what concerns me a bit about your eating plan is the lack of protein. DSers need to consume between 80-120 grams of protein per day. Now since you're still relatively new you prob. won't be able to get that much in (I know I sure couldn't). However, instead of the multi-grain bread for bkfst. I'd have protein (or have it with the bread). Same for lunch. Fruit is good for a snack but you really should consume protein with every meal. Also, how about a protein shake? I had one everyday for the first 2 years till I could eat enough.

Nuts are a good snack. So is cheese, peanut butter, etc. Try and think protein first, second and third. Firstly, because we only absorb 50-60% of it and secondly, the more protein & liquids the better the weight loss.

How are your vitamins and minerals? Have you had any blood tests taken yet?

Sorry, but I don't drink coffee so I can't give you any help there.
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