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Originally Posted by ipren View Post
I am Ipren and had a duodenal switch weight loss surgery in April 2009. I have lost about 52 pounds since then. My goal is to be at 125 pounds and this means losing another 44 pounds.

I was losing more pounds right after the surgery. Is this normal? Does anybody have some suggestions about what to eat and what not to eat because I want very much to reach my goal and I think that what I am eating may not be appropriate. For instance, some times I have one slice of multi-grain bread for breakfast, some fruits for lunch, and 2 tablespoons of rice with 2 ounces of salmon for dinner. I do have at least four cups of regular coffee with 3 splenda and 2 ounces of half and half per cup. When I feel like eating something, I would have a dozen of cashew. Unfortunately I am not exercising because I was told that I have to wait a year after the surgery. I could walk but have not been able too because I am recovering from foot surgery.

Anyone has any advice for me?

Thank you.

Wait a YEAR to exercise? I'm sorry, but that's craziness. Exercise if you want to. I had my surgery at the end of March and have been exercising for weeks and was cleared to start exercising even before then. So, unless you have some other medical restriction (well, like your foot right now), that's just craziness. Who was your surgeon (I'm feeling an Elariny vibe from that comment)?

For foods, try to limit the carbs. I wouldn't do toast, rice, and fruit all in one day. Focus on protein first, do not limit fat (unless you are having bathroom issues), and save any carbs for dead last and, even then, only if you have enough room in your tummy for them.
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