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Hi there, and welcome!!!
Tips? MAN I got alot, but here are my top 5:
1. WRITE IT DOWN. Write EVERYTHING down that you drink or eat. Right when you do it.
2. PLAN your food intake.
3. WEIGH AND MEASURE EVERYTHING. Eyeballing it can be SO inaccurate. This is super important.
4. STICK TO YOUR DAILY POINTS. Don't go under! Don't go over!
5. Just for the first bit, eat only 20 Flex Points a week. The left-over 15 will help account for unintended overages which are bound to happen in the first weeks, til you get used to the eating program.

Glad to have you aboard!

OH, and get used to the food program first. Exercise can be added in later. And gradually add your exercise points (I only use 2 a day), cause you gotta figure out how YOU lose weight with the daily and some of the flex points. AFTER you understand this, you can add/subtrack flex and exercise points as required. (When I started, I ate ALL my points, ALL my Flex points, ALL my exercise points and GAINED!!! Now THAT was discouraging! I cut back to the above, and figured out my personal points tolerance level...)


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