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Amarantha, Hello!! Thank you for wrighting! I'm new on a computer, and this stuff i have to type in to get at the right spot in this web sight drives me nutty! I tried to log on and wright you back and the 3fatchicks page acted like my password wouldnt work i tried 3 times and finally it went through. I will try to get on the Turkey time challenge thread, if i can find it. theres so many things that pop up i get confused.hahaha Well so far this week i've been doing great havent gained anything yet. Bite my tongue. Working out is the reason i'm doing so well. I have to admit,the holidays are starting to scare me. I came from a southern eatin familey, man can they cook. My mom passed away in 97, from cancer,and my dad in 99,from cancer. So my holidays are kinda sad . I miss them so much,they were the best parents you could ever ask for. Well good luck to you this new week! I'ts almost the weekend already. again keep in touch i hope i make it to your turkey challenge page. later and lighter, senamay
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