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Hi everyone. Things were busy this weekend -- getting things ready to go next Saturday. I have tomorrow off and then work right through Friday and we leave Saturday. Things are a bit organized, I'll get in better shape tommorrow and figure out what I need to do each night.

I've been eating healthy and my scale is actually down! Just really focusing on core food. I did get in my biking this week - Did I mention how I'm loving it!!! The one down fall, my but is sore!!! I think I need to invest in a nice cushy seat. The route I've been doing is getting easier and I'm keeping the bike on high tension most of the way. I went out yesterday am at 7:30! I think DH was shocked that I was moving that early. It felt good to get in a good 1/2 hour ride that early in the day.

Maryanne - HUGS about Leo. When does he start treatments again? Congrats on losing your vacation weight. I'm going to really try hard not to gain next week. Foodwise I'm bringing lots of healthy stuff and I plan on eating lots of lobster (without butter). I need to watch the alcohol.......

Rhonda - glad the house is coming along.DH did finish our upstairs and his working to finish the shed this week. Those 2 projects have both been going on since earleir this year. It will be nice to have it done and to NOT spend anything for a while.

Hi to everyone else. Need to get back to work

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