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Morning Everyone,

Just popping in really quick while I download a book to listen to while I take the dog out for his/my walk. It's hot and muggy out (I could never live in the deep south) so we will probably only go for a half hour. Then today I'm finishing the laundry, cleaning the basement (it's finished) and taking pictures to post of my knitting. Then if there's time left I might go sew. Oh I also have to make peach sauce for the pork chops for dinner.

Since last week was a bust this weeks goals are the same: no wine (except Sat), walk every day (at least 5-6), drink my water, eat my fruits and veggies.

Rhonda - Yea on finishing the painting and on the NSV always nice when people can't guess your age.

Sloane - hang in there you're allowed to whine when everything around you is spinning out of control. My grandma was bi-polar and it's NOT an easy thing to be around, so again . As for DH he's doing well, he "went back to work" last week, he has restrictions so he's basically doing phone support out of the house for the rest of the month.....I'm learning more about industrial controllers than I EVER wanted to know. And I didn't kill him last week when he decided to stop taking his pain meds (not cut back but quit) and then moaned all night so I couldn't sleep and ended up on the couch to ticked off to sleep, but life moves on.....

Maryann - how did you like the movie? Did you stay in the 160's with your official wi?

Sandra - hope the tournament went well. You should brag.

Vicki - Did you survive the storms? The moved north of here but there's some major damage in the storm track. More headed this way this afternoon, one good thing our rain barrel is full again.

Coco and Paula -

Well I should get a move on my books finished downloading. Now I'll transfer it to the MP3 player and I'm off.

Have a great day everyone.

- Donna

I recently started tracking myself on a blog:

Weight Tracking for 2012

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