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I was going thru here...i feel like i belong ;-)
It will be a year ago this month i had my acl surgery. Oh man it's been quite a year. For the most part i recovered remarkably fast...kind of shocked the doctor and my physical therapist...i'm about can imagine why :-)
What motivated me though is my bowling...i am an avid bowler... i still am struggling though, going down stairs...part of my leg is still numb which is normal. I just got back onto the fitness groove...kind of half to be...what is always in he back of my mind is my graft failing...i can feel it in my knee when i don't excercise. so i decided it's time to get addicted excercise...

Now i'm doing my excercise bike and wii active, hoping to purchase the wii golds gym.

I just wanna get to a point where i don't think about my knee though. I just can't believe how much i took my knees for granted. this has been quite a sobering expierence for me.

Here's to new motivation :-)

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