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Lightbulb My opinion on food lovers plan

Watching this infomercial for the first time now. It really doesn't sound much different to me from other diet plans, like weightwatchers, or nutrisystem, other than unlike nutrisystem, you are using your own food. Weightwatchers doesn't restrict what you eat either, teaches healthier eating habits, and balancing meals.

I managed to lose 40 lbs in about 4 months on weightwatchers, and am very pleased with that result. It wasn't hard for me because it turns out, I LIKE a lot of the healthier options that came with it. Plus I could still eat most of the things I love, I just had to watch how much. Most plans require some changes because obviously what we were doing before didn't work, otherwise we wouldn't be fat chicks (or in my case, a fat dude).

Good luck to all

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