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on the way to skinny
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I completely understand. I think about food all the time...and before I started dieting I had a SEVERE addiction to chicken nuggets from Seriously though, it was right next to my work...and at one point it was so bad I think I had chicken nuggets for lunch like 8 days in a row. It's hard to give up those foods that you love so much...even when you know how terrible they really are for you.

One thing that has definitely helped me though is the flex point system from weight watchers (i didn't actually join, but a friend had the books laying around and i borrowed them). I'm not really counting calories or whatever...I just use the nifty slider thing to find out how many points something is...and keep track of how many points I eat each day. There is a little chart, and for my weight it says I should eat 28 points a I got a spiral notebook and started keeping track of everything I was eating and how many points it was...and discovered that if you make small changes, even with portion sizes and not too much can do just fine. I'm now averaging about 24 points a day, and that's WITH some snacks (popcorn, sugar free jello, weight watchers fudgesicles are my weaknesses...)...and I even realized if I REALLY need a chicken nugget, I can go get a 4 piece happy meal, throw away the fries...and eat 4 chicken nuggets and just not eat any snacks that day...not that that's something healthy is should do 8 days in a row...but once a month or so is okay i think.

I guess I see my daily allotted points as a goal...if i stay under 28 points that day i reached my it's like taking baby steps..
smaller goals are easier to reach

and if you ever feel like just going out to your favorite restaurant and ordering that dish you love so much even though you know it's terrible for you, don't feel bad! do it once in a while (my rule is once a, then move past it and keep trying to eat healthy it won't hold you back. It's okay to treat yourself every once and a while...just don't let yourself get addicted. I know that's my issue, i'm addicted to

Good Luck!
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