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Wow, what a cool surprize. I just haphazardly stumbled upon this forum this morning looking for a review of some gadget, but found that there's all these cool chicks on here! I've always felt like a square peg in a round hole. I never fit in in school. After highschool I started playing an RPG and finally found that there were others like me - smart, creative, outside the box thinkers who would never hold my looks or brains against me. From there I found more places I could meet people like myself and I havent looked back since. But when it comes to online forums, I've always expected to find the same mundane types who have never seen anything outside of the mainstream. To illustrate my point, I remember I was in the staff room of one place I worked and this chick I worked with made some derogatory remark about how I always ate weird food. I was eating an avocado at the time. Before that, I had brought in some take out sushi with me. I was so happy when I left that place.
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