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I would love to know more. What kind of foods do you think of?
How often do you think you actually are eating?
How would you say you view food?
And you don’t have to answer this last one, but just ask yourself; why do you think you are always thinking about food?

I know that stress and boredom are definitely major contributors to the consumption. I actually had gastric bypass surgery about 4 years ago and lost about 125 lbs. My eating habits have brought me back up 90 lbs. and that does not make me a happy camper. I just recently graduated from college and am now working 2 jobs one being over night and I use all of that as an excuse why I can't or wont eat right. But just sitting here I just finished breakfast about 1/2 hr ago and am stuffed and I find myself eating goldfish without even realizing what I'm doing.

Sweets are my absolute downfall. I love candy and cakes. Carbs and greasy fatty foods are also super delicious. Carrots, celery(unless they are cooked) and water makes me hungry. I tend to look for convenience and whatever is the easiest for me with how much I am working. I am also single and dont see the point in making full meals for myself.

As I read this I can see all the excuses pour out. Food is a comfort and an enemy. I remember that freedom I had from it after the surgery and am more disappointed I let it happen all over again. I'm pretty sure I know what set it off and I'm sad to say a stupid idiotic man did. But I dont know why I am still doing it. Habits die hard I guess.
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