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Originally Posted by PuppyMommy View Post
OMG OMG OMG! I have the WW scale and I LOVE it! I couldn't believe that my beloved orange that I eat everyday as a snack was 3 points! I get more bangs for my buck with my scale. Ironically I get LESS food most of the time when I measure than I do when I weigh. I just weight out my cheese crumbles, meat and bacon bits and then stick them in 5 baggies for work and then measure out my cereal when I buy the box and I'm good for awhile.

As for the type of scale, the ww scale is truly AMAZING! You can type in the food your going to eat and then it will calculate the points value for that food for you. It is only $39.99 and from what it looks like it actually isn't too much more than the other scales that people were mentioning. Also, if you buy the deluxe kit it has a $5 off coupon in it for the scale. I splurged when I got mine and, honestly, I wouldn't use anything else!

Yep, I agree with this! I was actually afraid I was not getting enough food before I started weighing (e.g., estimating how much ground meat I was using). But this is so easy to use and looks decent on the kitchen counter. And I got the coupon when I joined WW, I didn't need the deluxe kit to get one. You might ask the receptionist if he/she could give you a coupon book they give to new members.
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