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Hello chickies!

nooch: Not TMI for me - I am looking forward to that of which you speak I am glad I could inspire you! It makes me feel SO good because I have gotten so much inspiration from everyone on this thread. And, just so you know... I am leaner than I was 30 min ago.

Samantha: Way to roll with it girl - what a nice little surprise

Maple: SO hard to exercise when you are tired - you go girl!

learn: You totally rock at staying OP - rest up those shoulders - and a beach wedding sounds SO romantic. I hope you get a beautiful sunset!

Jacque: Breathing is a good thing. I would say that is definitely positive.

bite: Doesn't it feel awesome the first day you finally get your energy back? I look forward to that first day after I have been sick. It rocks!

CJ: WOW - such willpower! All you can eat - and you only ate what you could eat, and good food at that! You are kickin' butt and takin' names! As for the smilies, I kept trying to find certain smilies I used on a forum a few years ago.. I finally found the site I used. It is at the link below and all you need to do is click on the smilie you want and copy the code that pops up in the box below and put it in your post. If it is in a foreign language, there is a place to change the language in the upper right of the page:

My positives so far: I am OP and rockin' it today. Might be taking the kids to the waterpark this afternoon if the weather holds up. Also, last night after doing laundry and shopping at Walmart, the kids badly wanted a happy meal at McDs (its in the walmart). It was dinner time, so I went to McDs with them. They of course had their happy meals. Guess what I had? Go on, guess.

NOTHING. That's right.. nothing. I was tempted, for sure, because I was starving. But instead, I went home after and fixed myself a GOOD meal on my plan. I didn't even get a diet soda. Every time I turn down something I would have eaten before, I get mentally stronger. My brain will soon be solid steel.

Catch you later, Divas!
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