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Good tuesday morning,
Well positive part four is upon us and did part three fill up fast or what!!!
Let's get to the personals.

LeslieB- How was your weekend. And how about you just jumping right back into that workout.

Ags- How was your doctors appointment. I sure hope it went well. Thank you for getting part four up and running for us.

Bingo- Leaner mean showering laundry machine, that's what you are.

nooch- You see that's what this thread is for, inspiration and Bingo gave it to you yesterday.

Samantha- Congratulations on the 2 pound lose. Awesome!!!

Maple- Your in the zone girlfriend. Keep on keepin' on.

Well now for me, my positive is I stayed right on the money with my eating. I got in the pool, but only to relax. Apparently I over did it when digging to plant my vegetable plants on saturday. I had a few roots to chop thru with the shovel and I guess my bad shoulders and neck took more of a beating then they should have. I am babying them because I have a beach wedding to shoot tonight and need to be able to lift that camera up for 1 - 2 hours. I can take something for it, but only when I get home because it makes me too sleepy to drive.
Well ladies thats it for me today. I did want to give a shout out to some of you that are M.I.A. Shia, nonabee, Sara, Bunny, LizzyG, Lady, Mainah, dgramie where the are you guys. We really miss you.

I hope everyone has a fantastic tuesday and remember...

Guardrails Up!!!

Later - Learn

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