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Originally Posted by BingoWings View Post
I am taking a mult-vitamin that gives me the 400 IU. I do not know my D level.. and really dont want to go to the doc just to find out. Any other way to find out? Also, if I start supplementing with Vitamin D.. is there harm in taking TOO MUCH Vitamin D?

This group of doctors is conducting a web survey to try to find more out about vitamin d. For a small fee, I think $40, you can get a test. I think they send you a kit and you test via a finger.

My doctor just called in a blood test to the lab, it was five minutes at the lab. I didn't see her.

In general, it is very hard to overdose on vitamin D. Getting it from sun it is impossible to overdose. Your body won't let you. I think it is unlikely that you can overdose but I think the blood test route would be the best way to go. That way you can get a baseline.
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