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Originally Posted by Ufi View Post
How did you get your vitamin D up? Just supplements from the store, or what? My multi vitamin has 100 percent of the recommended of vitamin D, so I should be fine, right?
If the 100% is 400 IU... not. That amount is only ok if you don't want to get rickets. I actually went up to 1000 D3 (after a prescription dose of 50000 IU D2 from my doctor) and still only went up 3 pts.

I am currently taking a supplement of 3000 IU (D3) and going out in the sun for 20 minutes on the days I can.

I think the correct dose does depend on your weight and also activity level. I was shocked that my mom got up to 40 so quickly but she doesn't do a lot of exercise and she is about 30 lbs lighter than me.
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