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My DD and ordered the program and it came this week. I had WLS and basically do the SBD, loosely. My DH has lost 48 lbs on SBD and kept it off for a year. My DD has lost 28 pound since January and has kept it off with the SBD. I'm 21 months into my WLS life and loving it, but am constantly on guard about what I'm eating because there is always that fear that I will regain! My family needs more than just the meat and veggies that I eat, and my DD wanted new ideas and approach on maintaining her weight loss.

Now about the program. I made the Banana Oat Pancakes recipe that came with the programs today, but found that it was to thin to really do, so I had to add a few tablespoons of whole wheat flour to thicken it up. As for special products: brown rice syrup and other sweeteners, yes you can get these things at our local department store, but there is also a blurb in there about adapting to different kinds of sweeteners like splenda, stevia and so on. I haven't read the whole program, but do like the idea of the lower glycemic scale things and lower fats.

Reading this stuff had helped be from becoming complacent about what I'm eating and shaking up some of the things that can eat to make a more balanced meal for me and my family.

Is it worth the money? Don't know.....only time will tell.
Nancy J.
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