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Default Meal questions

Shulark- So glad to hear of your success. I have not yet gotten on the scale. (as per Jon's idea of waiting 6 months) BUT I don't quite feel as if I have lost anything yet. I would love to know what your day looks like as far as food goes. Breakfast is especially a concern. I was making the smoothie from his website, but it just wasn't doing it for me as an 'everyday' meal. I have now started to have 2 omega eggs and once slice of sprouted bread with some various fruits on the side.

I am also not in love with Flax seed. I put it on every salad I have, but I don't grind it up for that. Is this okay? I think my issue with it is the ground texture of the flax seed. I just haven't found the way to truly work it in other than on salads in its whole form.

Also, do you eat all of your veggies raw (or live) or do you cook some of them. I know raw is better, but I want to mix it up some too!

Again, I couldn't be happier with how I feel and how much healthier I am eating. I am just a bit of a "Type A" person and I want to do this 'right.' (though I know I need to listen to my body..which is definitely a learning process)

Thanks for any input!

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