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Hi everyone!

I logged on to see if I have any takers for tonight and I was so excited to see that I do!!! It has been so long since I have gone swimming that I think I will enjoy it. Before I hurt my shoulder I used to swim for about 1hour straight 4-5 days per week, so I guess it is pretty obvious why I put on weight when I stopped because I haven't been able to find another exercise I like as much. It may be a bit of emotional turmoil for me because the physio people say that I have to start with only 1/4 of what I did before of any shoulder activity to ease my way into it. So I guess the flutter board will be my friend for the rest of the workout.

You all motivated me so much I decided that I will go to the aquafit class beforehand and then do a short lengths swim because of the shoulder thing. It all starts at 8:00 and ends at about 9:30 so I should post around 10pm. I expect to hear all about your workout adventures when I log on!!

Cyan, I went to that website and tried one of the surveys and found out that I am really lacking in some areas of diet, and exercise, and I knew it just by reading the questions alone--even before the writeup--thanks! I am determined to work towards that so I wrote down the areas and am going to try and improve on each area per week. This week my focus will be increase water consumption and eat breakfast every day (once in a while I skip it). Also I need to pick up some small weights to incorporate more weight bearing exercise. I have a circuit training video at home which is good and uses a 5lb dumbell for the workout. It is actually pretty hard and I had been doing it without weights!

LadyRider, keep up the great work. Your ability to keep going on your plan is continued inspiration to us all and I love to hear about it because it motivates me to keep it up, and it doesn't feel near as impossible for me. I have been trying to eat more slowly and not in front of the TV so that I am getting full faster and it seems to work.

Annie and Cyan your music and exercise combos are excellent and made me smile and giggle--in a good way! I will think of you both as I dance to my commercials with my boyfriend and maybe you guys inspired me to put a walkman on my Christmas list! If I had only known all of the fun I was missing out on I would have bought one sooner!

A little note on my newly supportive guy. He didn't really care at first about my whole diet and exercise kick, but he is starting to notice the lifestyle change. He will pick us up dinner sometimes but stop in somewhere and get something like sushi from the grocery store for me because he knows I am serious. He even joins in on my pilates and aerobics tapes sometimes when I do them and looks so cute and funny when he does. It has been such a nice change. It was his idea to walk to the store. He has mentioned that I am happier and have more energy. I think the whole thing is bringing us much closer. For so long I have been whining about my shoulder pain but I don't really do that anymore because I have something else to focus on and it is positive. It has taken over a month of little or no support but now he has done a full 360 and I really appreciate it so much.

Talk to you all after our exercise tonight!
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