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I am still on Jenny but the last couple months have been a struggle. I really should have come here for support but alas I did not. I am now back on a good path

Things started to go off the rails when I was on a 10 day vacation mid-May -- it was almost impossible to eat healthy out as a family and the hotel room did not have a microwave. We did a lot of exercising everyday and when I could I did eat healthy but when I returned I had gained a few pounds -- very frustrating. I kept going to my counselor but found it more difficult to stick to the program -- my momentum slipped.

The month of June was probably THE busiest I have ever had at work -- I will save you the details but suffice it to say it was very stressful and busy. That did not help me get back or stay on track. I continued treading water and my weight loss stagnated. grrrrrrrrrrr

The one good thing that has been happening the last month is that I have upped my exercise. I am walking 3 miles at least three times a week -- sometimes 5 times a week. I am riding my recumbent exercise bike several times a week. Doing an occasional swim (my inlaws live on a lake). I need to drag my hand weights out from under the desk and start using them too.

This last week I decided it is time to get back on the wagon and make a concerted effort to get back to loosing and I finally lost a couple pounds

Loosing weight is so damned hard. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. I KNOW it is but there are times that I wish I could love myself as a fat person but therein lies the problem -- I don't like myself now, I have tried to love the fat person I am and can't, it is not healthy being as overweight as I am and I don't feel good physically. I NEED to loose the weight not only for psychological reasons but also to better my physical health.

Glad you are still here and making progress Vickie! YouGoGirl!!!

And a shout out to you too Nicole -- you have been really booking along!!! 7lbs. from goal?!!! That is AWESOME!!!!!

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