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BARGOO & BOOSTIE ~ yes, I agree with both of you about the CC Ministries, as I started to notice some odd things a few years ago myself (a blip here and there); and from what I have read, the board noticed it too and asked the founding minister to come back out of retirement for the next two years to work along with a mix of guest pastors and teachers to restore and improve that ministry during these hard times. I am enjoying the sermons and devotionals much more these days too.

No matter what church or Christian ministry you are, we always have to be very diligent that we do not stray from our original mission -- and that is to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Father GOD in heaven, who loves and cares about us all.

GARY ~ thanks for your kind supporting words. You are indeed blessed to have found such a wonderful place of worship. Part of our problem is that we live in a small town in an isolated area; if we lived further south, we would have many more churches to choose from. Christians who read the bible know that ministers are supposed to be paid for this work, although some Amish pastors do hold down jobs and share preaching and teaching with a large group of volunteers (as many as 12 in some churches) and they hold services in different homes (we attended one when we were kids a few times). I am hearing of small groups that are now meeting in homes, and some churches are even renting space to these groups on Saturdays and off times too, and that works out well for all involved.
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