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I've been religiously listening to the audio file pretty much every night. I had the thought, yesterday, that I would absolutely get to goal just doing that and exercising the way I have been.

I started adding sprints into my running pretty much as soon as I read the book because it made so much sense. I've heard from other fitness experts that whatever you try to do, exercise-wise, your body is going to work to make that easier for you. And the sprints have made an enormous difference in my body. Not my weight, at least not yet. But I can see and feel the difference all over. And I know that even just doing as much as I'm doing will make this happen for me. I can tell from the improvement in my body that continuing will get me there.

But I want to start doing more -- spend a little more time with meditation and visualization.

The first week after I'd read the book I had a new lease on life. It was incredible. Then, the next week, although I kept listening to the guided meditation, things weren't as good. My body fighting back, I guess. I do believe that, beneath all our attempts, many of us are extremely reluctant to let go of the struggle. Because to do so means to deal with things that we've prevented ourselves from seeing or feeling. And we fear change. That's me, for sure. I need to come unstuck without coming unhinged...

So much of this is about adding things instead of taking things away -- add joy, meaning, self-care, rest, fun, etc. to my life and I'm not going to feel like eating when I'm not hungry. Also I find -- as I did before, years ago, on the Setpoint diet -- that when I'm hungry I don't want junk. I want nutrition!

Marie, thanks so much for sharing your story. You know, 30 kgs in six months is awesome!

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