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Good morning everyone. Hope you had a great week-end. Mine was slow and lazy but did get my TM walking in. I'm trying to up it five extra min. a day. Thats my goal for the week. But thats a big deal for me with heart trouble. Hopefully all will go alright. I also want to try again working with light weights a little bit. I've put a pot of beans and ham hocks on to cook for dinner... It sounds good on this gray damp fall day we're having.

Debelli-your motival talk gives one something to really think about... Great going on a no blister run this morning. I didn't get my water down on Sunday so am making sure I'm drinking big time now.

Monet-Boy you're doing great with your weight.. Keep up the good work. Yep skip that mall and rest, rest, rest. I know it must feel like a lifetime of it!! Thats so neat your DH is doing SB too. Sure helps having a buddy doing it with you.

gracious-Congradulations on passing up the free breakfast. Shows our determined you are this week. Hope you have a really good week of exerciseing. I'm going to try to do some light weights for my upper arms this week.

Rosalie- Wow snow!!! This is all to early.. But I'm going to Denver next week and they have lots of it.... Thats really something on the body fat. That should give good encouragement to stay on SB. I'd be scared to step on that scale. My doctor nicely (ha ha) told me I wasn't obese any more just overweight.......!!!!

Trishaloo- Know about that soggy weather, we've had nothing but it... Oh my goodness your gumbo meal sounds wonderful. I would love to have been at your table...

music teach- Way to start a week off with a 1/2 lb. loss. Its so hard not to let stress affect your eating, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you today.

LKF-WAY TO GO FOR OCTOBER....You sure did well. Thats like a perfect month in my mind.. Heres pulling for you in Nov.......

Jack-K- Hope you have a great week, even though it sounds like you're going to be busy busy.. And get on those salads girl friend. OOOO its getting so close to vacation time for you. I go to Denver on the 12th to the 19th so hopefully we can both do well....

Well I have a busy week going. I'm going to Denver for a week starting on the 12th to surprise my brother for his 50th birthday. So this week I need to get the house cleaned and do my packing. I'm worried about what I'll eat there. Also get a hair cut and permanet tomorrow...... Have a great day....

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