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Happy Monday Gang

Was glad to see the day start, yesterday was such a long day. Got to work to find that we had been broken into over the weekend. Nothing was missing and they didn't even get back to my office to mess it up. I think they were young and just looking for money. A little excitement to start our week.

I had to torture myself today. I jumped on the scale and it was up 2 lbs. I knew it and knew it would depress me, but figured maybe it would shock me into being 100% this week. Didn't really eat off plan, just too much and drank too much alcohol. Just don't know what got into me. So it's salads all week for me for lunch and water, water, water.

Going to be a busy week here. Need to get things ready for when I'll be gone. So I have to to the week work that I'm gone this week. How do you do that?

Monet, Don't you dare go to the mall. You need to rest. 40 lbs how awesome! You MM fit perfectly with Deb's. Take care of yourself.

Gracious, glad you are back OP and sounds like your are in the right mode with exercising too. Yeah on winning the BK, shame you can't use it.

Rosalie, Please don't mention the "S" word. I hate snow. It's pretty to look at, but I hate driving in it, being cold and shoveling it. You are braver than me on getting your BF, I'm scared to see. I just read in our paper Sunday a website to go to and they calculate it based on ht and wt. I believe (not sure) it was I might fool around and see if I can find it.

Trish, I think you are sending us your rain. It rained all day Sunday and supposed to start again tomorrow. Plus it is cold here. Your bread sounds delish. Not sure ont he gumbo. Not my thing. Have a great day.

Deb, sounds like you are off to a good start this week. Breaking those new shoes in for the WDW? Sounds like a lot of fun sure wish I could come. But with the wedding and all, it finacially possible. Liked your MM. Very true.

Music, 1/2 lb down is great, don't eat off plan or you will lose that 1/2 lb (or should say gain) then your mood will be worse. Hang in there and you will feel better all the way around.

Bob, sounds like you had a fund girls shopping trip. Shame the HFS was a bust.

Got to get busy. Have a great day.

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