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Mornin' y'all. Scales are down 1/2 lb today! That was my good news this morning. It all went downhill after that. Uncooperative kids who couldn't find shoes in the room they were supposed to clean up on Saturday. I found out this morning that the room that looked really good had everything stuffed in the closet and under the bed. After much complaining from me, Maggie wore her Sunday shoes to school. Never did find her school shoes. I'm trying not to let my mood affect my eating. Did eat off plan a little last night. We had fellowship at church last night. Had a great singing group. Anyway, I had a couple of oatmeal cookies. Not too bad. My first cheat in a couple of weeks. Today's mission is to not let my mood affect my eating.

MONET:Keep taking it easy. Hope you have a better day.

MARIE: I'm trying to lower my fat intake too. I find it hard to get in all my protein without going over on fat.

GRACIOUS: Hey! At least you won something. Our local Christian radio station is giving tickets to see Phillips, Craig and Dean as prizes for their Bible trivia contest each morning. Of course, they do all of this while I'm in class so I don't have a chance to call and try to win. They winners are also entered in a drawing for backstage passes. Man I would love to go hear them.

Hope everyone has a good day and hoping I can check in later. I have a PTA program tonight, so my day is full.
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