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Good morning everybody,

Well, it's another soggy Monday morning here in Central Texas. My fence and deck are turning green!! So much for the drought.

Had a great week-end and even stayed pretty much on plan. Went to the high school football game Friday night. Some poor kid that had his drivers license for all of about 2 weeks backed into a light pole at the band hall and knocked the stadium lights off for about 4 hours. The game didn't start until 9:30. It was fun, though and we won. How 'bout those Longhorns! The only team in the last 75 games to win in Nebraska. Yee-haw!!

Crystle, I made the gumbo yesterday and it was great. It was kind of hard to tell how long I was cooking the roux though since it started out brown with the ww flour. I probably should have cooked it a little longer. I also made some spinach bread to go with it. You take chopped spinach and add some onion and melted jalapeno jack cheese and then spread it over french bread and toast it. I found a great sprouted whole wheat loaf at Whole Foods and used that. Made some brown rice, yum! Too many starch carbs but I saved them all up for last night.

Deb, would you email me the stuff about the Orlando trip. I may ask hubby for that for Christmas. Sounds like it would be so fun!

I guess I better get to work. Have a great day everyone!

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