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I trim my cats claws and it's no problem at all. Diego doesn't mind at all, he just sits there while I trim them.Serafina doesn't like it, sometimes I have to burrito her in a towel while I do it. Whenever I hold them, I play with their feet a lot, pushing their pads to extend their claws so they are used to it (even when I'm not planning on trimming them).

It's pretty easy to do - just press the pad so the claws extend. It's best to do it in bright light. When the claw is extended, you can see which part is "living" it is pink, you don't want to cut the living part (it will bleed) so just trim the nail bit. In bright light, it's very easy to see. You can always just trim the tips until you feel more confident.

Serafina has very thin, sharp claws that curve, so I just cut the curved bit. Diego has thick, strong, straighter claws, so it's a bit more of a challenge, but not difficult at all.

I also bought a special kitty nail trimmer from the pet store, it was about 7 bucks. It's more curved than a people nail trimmer and easy to use.

Play with your kitty's feet and see how receptive she is to having her claws extended. If she'll let you extend them and hold them out a few seconds, she's probably going to be okay with trimming. You can also wrap her in a towel like i do Sarafina, I just burrito her up and pull out the paw I'm working on. She's a big drama queen about everything though!

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