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Good Morning! Here it is, Monday. Another week. Another week for me resting, and wishing this sore throat to the devil. I slept a little bit better the last two nights, but not much. I am thinking about how nice it would be to hop in my car, and drive to the outlet mall. I need some stuff from the health food store there. I better not tho...I do not want a relapse.

DEB: Enjoyed talking to you Saturday. I talked to my hubby, and he is all in favor of my going to Orlando for the get together...but he wants to come too! Is the rate you gave me for 2 or 4 to a room? I told him if it was girls only, he would have to stay with his sister! I intend to have fun! I also told him he had to start posting on the board if he wanted to come. He is rather quiet, but he IS doing SB... we shall see!

Have a good day everybody! Remember, only YOU can make you succeed or fail! Stiffen those elbows!

I am still down the 12, and hoping it stays gone. This is a new low, but confused due to scale problems, so I really don't know the total, but it is somewhere around 40 pounds now.
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