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Originally Posted by WhitePicketFences View Post
I haven't read that many; I am trying to get my hands on some popular library books like In Defense of Food.

I did enjoy French Women Don't Get Fat, for what it is -- I mean, it was cheesy in the way you'd think, and it is for people who need to lose a lot less than I'm doing (just "take the stairs" once in awhile, etc). But I took some comfort out of it -- like that it's not freaky or anorexic to have a yogurt and a peach for lunch on a leisurely day. Just that things don't have to be big ... and in fact, shouldn't fill up a plate. Helped my mindset in a healthy way and I appreciate that.
WhitePicketFences: I was a little disappointed to read the author talk about how easy losing weight was by just being more active, unless you have more than 30 pounds to lose. Overall, I enjoyed the book and it made sense to me intuitively, but that limitation really took the wind out of my sails.

Originally Posted by Nuxmaga View Post
Actually, reading is a lot more helpful to me now than it used to be. I used reading self-help books(of all kinds, not just weight loss) as a way to confirm my sense of being "broken"--that I needed fixing. I've done a lot of work on realizing I'm not permanently broken or defective, that I can change and heal. And with my OCD, reading was a way to ward off anxiety of obsessive thoughts about needing to do things perfectly. It's a relief to be able to go ahead and try some of the things in books, and learn to tolerate the anxiety that I wasn't doing it perfectly.
Nuxmaga, I think you put this really well. Growing up, most of my non-fiction reading has been surrounding weight loss, organization, self-confidence, depression, ADD, etc. But, I am slowing beginning to see that everyone has their own struggles. Maybe if I learn to live with mine and do the best I can rather than trying to fight against myself all of the time, it might find a good deal more peace in my life.
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