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Originally Posted by rockinrobin View Post
In the 20+ years that I was obese, I actually don't recall reading a single, solitary "weight-loss" book. That began well after I hit my goal weight. Now that I've gotten to where I want to be, I find it interesting to hear other perspectives on and it helps to keep weight loss and health on the forefront of my mind.

But I do get your point. All the reading in the world isn't going to get the "job done". It's putting those thoughts, ideas and strategies into play.
Actually, reading is a lot more helpful to me now than it used to be. I used reading self-help books(of all kinds, not just weight loss) as a way to confirm my sense of being "broken"--that I needed fixing. I've done a lot of work on realizing I'm not permanently broken or defective, that I can change and heal. And with my OCD, reading was a way to ward off anxiety of obsessive thoughts about needing to do things perfectly. It's a relief to be able to go ahead and try some of the things in books, and learn to tolerate the anxiety that I wasn't doing it perfectly.
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