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Ok, yes, she is way outdated now but I read her book a few years after it came out. Susan Powter's Stop the Insanity and the one after it. I think there is another one too..?? Anyway, go read it. Everyone. It tells you that you don't have to drown yourself in water to lose, just when you do drink, try to always drink water, drink it more than you used to, etc. She also says eat as much as you want of allowable type foods, veggies, grains, all with sauces like soy, bbq, steak sauce, etc. So you won't be hungry. But you are still eating healthy.

She has a great analogy about ball point pens. She says if someone told us we couldn't have them .. then slowly we would become obsessed with obtaining them, stealing them, hiding them, using them in secret, etc. Anything you package up with a big pretty bow and say don't touch, then we want it. So when we do that with sweets, etc. it sabotages us because human nature makes us want what we can't have. So let yourself have a set amount of chocolate or whatever but don't eat a plate of chocolate for dinner.

I like this thread. I'm going to look for more books I need to get on here.

Thanks, Selina
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