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WELL YEE HAW It's Monday once again...where does the weekend go?
Welcome to our new gals and congrats on losing weight...
I.....well I've not weighed I know Linda I should bite the bullitt( get it, BULLITT?!)HEHE and get on with it...but I couldn't I have drank enough coke to float Taj Mahal people...and I knew that was a big screw up...but I just could not help myself... when I swim,for some reason all I want is coke...I just don't get's like nothing tastes better in the summer out in the sun swimming.... .....ANYWAY I vowed to do better this week and I'm gonna...especially when we're leaving for Pigeon Forge for the weekend!!Man I CAN NOT wait to get there...That's my Florida away from Florida...for some reason...of course there is no ocean or beach there...I just love's relaxing except for the rude drivers who won't let you out or over...and so DH and I were talking food for next weekend...we just got breakfast food to cook out of a morning...but this is his plans for dinner...OK ...1st and foremost the most important to him is Outback on Friday when we get there,we'll just stop before we get to the campground and eat,we always share a steak,he gives me the salad and I get a baked tater..2nd Saturday...we're thinking Olive Garden which is my fave and we don't eat there 1/2 as much as Outback b/c DH doesn't really like Italian that much..but he goes cause I like it and I loooove their salads,yum and the chicken scampi....3rd on Sunday we're gonna rock No Way Hose's's an awesome mexican restaurant there and they also have one in Gatliberg...I always get the fajitas but I just eat them straight out of the skillet and don't use the tortillas...and then Monday we probably won't eat out considering we're coming home that day...and there it is.... my sins for next easy on me!! Anyway I guess I better go...all this talk about food has starved me to death!! blab later!
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