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Rikki - It's a raw foods thing that Cat recommended. It makes spirals out of raw veggies. I think it will also be good for sweet potato fries and salads. Right now I'm obsessed with the zucchini "noodles" though. I can't believe how perfect they are in the summer. I didn't heat them at all but next time will try a very quick saute in olive oil spray just for comparison. I have this one: but there are quite a few variations.

harrismm - I don't use sweetener in my bean salad, though I know a lot of people do. I use seasoned wine vinegar, lots of oregano, and a little EVOO. I mix whatever beans I have around, sweet onion, sometimes a little green pepper or celery. I'm a flexible cook

My new favorite easy salad is one my Mom makes every time I visit (since I started SBD anyway!). It's just raw broccoli & cauliflower, sweet onion, & halved grape tomatoes with a good Italian dressing. I prefer her homemade dressing but any acceptable bottled dressing would work. Let it marinade a few hours or overnight. We go through several bowls when I visit.

Chelby - A couple of cold soup recipes from my favorite cook book author: I'm going to try that bean recipe this week.

I'll get that avocado gazpacho recipe up as soon as I'm awake enough to read it
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