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Where I live, it's summer most of the year. It's also Air Conditioning most of the year, so I'm ok using the oven or the grill year round. In the heat, though, lighter meals are more appealing. There are few days year round when a stew or other hearty dish doesn't seem like it would sit heavily.

That being said, a big piece of roasted/baked lean meat is great. It means you can have cooked slices of something cold for future meals with little effort. Or have it as toppings on a big salad.
Grilled chicken breast, London Broil, beef or pork loin, steak, lean pork chops, are great for salads or served originally hot with two side veggies, especially if one is cold.
Shish-ka-bob with lots of veggies.
Veggies grilled in slabs (eggplant sliced, half peppers, zucchini or yellow squash sliced lengthwise, onion slices, tomatoes sliced in half, thirds or quarters), sprayed with olive oil, seasoned lightly and grilled until they soften and have grill marks. Mmmmm.
Leftover veggies, chilled, on top of salad greens, with leftover cold meat, a couple olives, some feta cheese, mmm.
Pre-cooked shrimp, thawed in running water, dusted with Old Bay Seasoning on top of salad.
Quick stir fry with fresh vegetables, leftover meat or thawed shrimp, ginger, soy sauce & garlic.
Tuna or chicken salad with light mayo, little mayo, or made with an olive oil based dressing.
Take your whole grain (couscous, brown rice, whole wheat pasta), cook it ahead of time and chill it. Stir in several chopped vegetables and an oil based dressing and you have a tasty side dish.
Yogurt with chopped cucumbers, let site for the flavors to blend makes a nice dressing. Look for raita recipes.

Next time you buy fresh herbs, for about the same price you can buy the plant (in my grocery anyway). Plant it in the ground near your grill, or several herbs in a large pot - even on an apartment balcony. Then use snips of fresh basil with halved cherry or grape tomatoes and shredded mozzarella with a touch of olive oil. Add mint to your raita or iced tea.
Use raw cabbage in your salads. Raw it can be spicy.
You can microwave a wedge of fresh cabbage for a minute or so and have a sweet side dish.
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