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Well, you all will be comforted to know that temps and humidity is up here in New England, it's 79 here right now but with the humidity it feels more like about 88 out there.
Litchick, we've all had weeks where there are gains, just don't give up the war due to one small battle loss. Trysh, now just get on that scale and brave it. Maybe you'll be surprised.
I have often felt afraid of weighing in at some of my WW meetings when I just knew there was going to be a gain. It kept me away from the meetings more than once. So, bit that bullet and go for it. What is the worse that can happen?
As for me, I need to get my act in gear. I haven't been to a WW meeting in awhile and I am kind of meandering and not doing everything I should do. I had tried just counting calories for awhile but that isn't working all that much for me as I stop doing it mid-day.
I need to get on track.
I'm glad for a bit hotter weather, by the way, as hot weather makes me want salads and food that is not all that heavy. I usually do better in this kind of weather.
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