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Welcome to Frances who posted just before I started the new thread. Hope to see you here!
I wish I could say there is unbearable heat where I live. I would kind of welcome that.
I think cutting out sweet tea and soda is a HUGE step, tons of empty calories are in those beverages.
If walking outdoors is not good due to the heat, perhaps some inside activity if you have AC? Also, if you don't have a pool, do you have access to another place where you can swim?
I was thinking of asking a friend of mine who has a pool that she hardly ever uses if she minds if I come over and swim once in awhile? I hate to bother people and take advantage, though. I might offer to skim the pool for her and maybe donate something towards chemicals.

I weighed myself this morning and I'm still up a bit due to last weekend's fun weekend away. I show as 161.4 this morning. I've been fairly good since I got home, but have yet to get back to 160. I was hoping not to have to change the weight on my tracker, but I will probably do it as I won't lie to you all or to myself.
Linda in NH

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