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Make thisbe for something
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S/C/G: 254/228/160

Height: 5'8"


MARITAL STATUS: Let's not talk about it - non-existent



GOAL WEIGHT: 150-160

HEIGHT: 5'7"

EYE COLOR: Green/Hazel

HAIR COLOR: Very dark brown. Trying right now not to wash it b/c countless hairdressers have told me not to. Currently feeling very gross

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: MUSIC, going to shows, reading, movies (see why I don't lose weight!), .

PETS: None but I want a dog so badly! Won't get one while in an apartment though.

OCCUPATION: Non profit


FAVORITE COLOR: Purple though most would tell you lately it's pink and black

FAVORITE FOODS: Ice cream, bacon, pizza, chinese. But I LOVE fruits and veggies too. Strawberries are my fave, love asparagus.

FAVORITE EXERCISE: I like workouts with dancing in them. Last night I did a Carmen Electra workout. I just prefer to do them when no one else is around. I'm starting to like my bike more and swimming is okay too.

FAVORITE BOOK(S): How to Kill a Rock Star, Twilight series, God Shaped Hole, anything by Chuck Klosterman

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Anything with Johnny Depp (my absolute fave is What's Eating Gilbert Grape)

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: 311, My Chemical Romance, Incubus, Motion City Soundtrack, Blink-182, Valencia, All Time Low, The Rocket Summer, New Found Glory, and many many many many more.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Bad eating habits, sedentary.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: In the words of another band I love, Taking Back Sunday..."So sick so sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick." Depressed, feeling crappy physically, and tired of accepting that this is my life, because it doesn't have to be.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Doing it on my own. I want this to be a lifestyle change, I don't want this weight coming back on.

RELIGION: Baptist, but don't really practice

POLITICS: Very liberal

PIERCINGS: Just ears, I wanted my eyebrow for the longest time but now I have a pretty conservative job, won't happen as long as I'm there.

TATTOOS: See above. I really want the song lyric in my signature "Make this be for something, or else it's all just nothing" on my wrist. I keep balking. I'm seriously wussy when it comes to pain as well.
"Take a breath and let the rest come easy..." All Time Low

"Get up, get out, make this be for something. Or else it's all just nothing." The Rocket Summer

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