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Default !Hola! I'm back!

Hi all, how are you all doing?!?

I'm back and I had a good time! It was hot, 30 - 33 degrees most days but not humid, so bareable.
I had fun practising my Spanish and now plan to retire to Spain - but everywhere I go, I fall in love with and plan to retire there, so I wouldn't hold your breath.

I'm very fond indeed of the Dear Friend I went with but he is prone to tantrums. However, this time I didn't have to pretend to be unphased, I had stax of self-confidence and just thought, what a twit, and waited it out.

I think I ate sensibly and well. Lots of glorious fresh fruit, much better than we can get here. Salads too, though veggies seemed hard to come by. I don't drink generally (one glass and I'm cheerful, two glasses and I'm asleep, it's a fine line that's not worth the calories) so mostly had water. Una agua con gaz, por favor. The odd ice cream crept in, so it was probably as well I only had the 8 days! It was not a penance, looking for 'suitable' food, I found it exciting to have the option to choose healthy options.

I'm quite water-logged though, despite the compressions socks, so may leave it a couple of days to weigh in.

Cuppa tea now, and catch up on all the posts I've missed.

Oh, and the opera was absolutely spectacular!

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