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Default Update to me still being hungry...

I started a thread about a week ago sharing that I was still struggling and hungry all the time. I wasn't losing weight and was honestly ready to give up yet again.

drum roll please....

I took everyone's advice, raised my cals up to around 1600 and dropped weight this week! I'm over the moon happy because I wasn't hungry ALL week. It was so nice. There were even days when I had extra cals to blow on some fun treats (fudgesicles & extra cherries)

I even went camping last weekend and survived. I packed good food and didn't go off track at all. I even left room for a couple roasted marshmallows and didn't go overboard.

Thanks to you all!

Really, thanks. I have been dieting off and on so much that it's so nice to actually feel like I'm getting somewhere. I have hope again. (and I'm 3lbs away from the lowest I've been in 6yrs.)
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